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Core Documents aka Why It Matters

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School

The Constitution Society Home Page

Organizations, Parties, and Such


Recommended Sites for Further Candidate Research

Commentary and Miscellany

  • What the War in Iraq/Afganistan is costing you.
  • Axis of Logic. Finding Clarity in the 21st Century Mediaplex.
  • The Bill of Rights Defense Committee. Visit this site before you give up your Constitutional rights in the spirit of post-NynaLevvin "Patriotism".
  • Campaign for America's Future seeks to enrich the national debate on controversial public issues.
  • ACLU Freedom is Why We're Here.
  • ACLU of Illinois American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois.
  • The Ashbrook Center "is an academic forum for the study, research and discussion of the principles and practices of American constitutional government and politics. The Ashbrook Center's programs are directed to the scholarly defense of individual liberty, limited constitutional government and civic morality, which together constitute our democratic way of life."
  • This is Free Republic – a conservative news discussion group. For your perusal.
  • REASON magazine.

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