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Three Letter Tango #2

Rating: medium


Some of the squares in the diagram should have one of three letters (A-C) placed inside them. The number to the left of each row or at the top of that column indicates how many of those squares have a letter. Each row or column contains exactly two different letters, and, ignoring empty squares, the letters alternate. For example, if a row contains four letters, they might read ABAB or CBCB, but not ACCA, ABCA, or AAAA.


Key to interactive solving:

Enter blanks or letters A, B, C in squares according to the instructions (any other characters will be treated as blanks). Click/Tap "Check your answer" to check your (possibly incomplete) solution. Blue borders mark the squares given in the puzzle, yellow borders mark rows and columns that don't yet have the required number of letters filled in, and red borders mark rows and columns that are incorrect due to having all three different letters, too many letters, or consecutive identical letters.

"Reset" will set the puzzle grid to the last configuration you checked, while "Start over" will clear every square except those given in the puzzle. Looking at the solution results in a "Start over."

Use your browser's "Back" function to undo the last check.

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