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Officers & Contacts

The full Steering Committee comprises the first four groups below. All email addresses are at $mailhost.
And if you're interested in filling any of the open positions, contact the LocSec. You can view the description of most of the positions in the Standing Orders.

Board of Directors

LocSec (President) Laceé Hudec  
Business Manager Heather Booton  
Treasurer Lisa Slankard 847-691-6872
General Representative Jason Catena  
General Representative Megan Bratkovich  

Appointed Steering Committee Members

Communications Officer Michael Stowe  
Membership Officer Stacey M. Kirsh 630-766-1289
Programs Officers Peter Kraus
Ed & Jeanne Garman
Public Relations Officer Michael Hudec  
Recording Secretary Bill Slankard 847-506-0726

Area Coördinators

Chicago Amy Kozy  
Beverly Rick Ekstrom 773-298-1608
Northwest Indiana Jerry LaGrou  
North Suburbs Janice Ferri Esser 847-767-2519
Northwest Suburbs Janet Dornhoff  
Rockford Dave Long 815-626-4988
South Suburbs Jeudi Juetten  
Southwest Area Steve Voudrie
Kevin Bullock
West Suburbs John North  

Appointed Chairs and Coördinators

AGOG Chairs Bill Slankard
Lisa Slankard
Awards OPEN - If interested,
please contact the LocSec
Community Services Coordinator James Robinson Parran  
Editor Bradley Slavik  
Election Procedures Committee Debra Johnston  
Game Warden Ed Barta  
Gifted Youth Stacey M. Kirsh
Stephen Rider
GOBS Liaison Craig Logan 847-459-4601
Hospitality (Beverages) Bill Horman 847-910-9148
Hospitality (Food) Committee Chair Theo Sparks
Contact the Chair to join the Committee
Internal Auditor Mary Jane Tala  
Mensa WorldConnect Scott Mochinski 773-220-3262
Nominating Committee Bradley Slavik  
Official Photographer John Muellner 773-589-0749
Ombudsman/Arbitrator Cindy Ogilvie 847-303-1960
Scholarship Jill Sackett  
Secretary Archivist Mike Wolstein  
SIGHT Coördinator Jeudi Juetten  
Teen Coördinator See SIGs  
Testing Coördinator Conrad Pomykala 312-666-1091
Webmaster Barb Pohl  

HalloweeM TeaM

Chair 2016 Heather Booton  
Registrar 2016 Theo Sparks  
Hospitality Chairs 2016 Susan Woodill
Rhonda Peek
Volunteer Coördinators 2016 Megan Bratkovich
Cat Sterrett
Programs Chair 2016 Laceé Hudec  

Important Collective Addresses

Board of Directors
Steering Committee (includes Board)
Area Coördinators
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