The organizers of the events listed on this calendar have expressed willingness for members elsewhere in the world to join in. Please don’t give them a bigger crowd than they can handle, and do be careful about time zones. The displayed time zone is GMT! If you add them to your own calendar, the time zone should convert to your specified time zone.

To have your virtual event added to this calendar, contact Matt C., the CAM International Calendar contact.

There may be other virtual events, as well as in-person events, which may be of interest to CAM members, hosted by various local groups listed on the American Mensa Calendar of Events.

1/ Mon­day

  • ChiMe Activity Bulletin and Ad­ver­tising Deadlines. Last day for these submissions to the August ChiMe. Interested in organizing and hosting a virtual or in-person event? Find out how by checking out our guide to hosting events.

  • ChiMe Editorial Deadline. Last day for editorial submissions to the August ChiMe. Please submit original ar­ticles, insights, puzzles, brain teasers, or short poems. Your fellow Chicago Area Mensa members would love to hear from you.

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October 31 – November 3, 2024

Only 128 more days! Join us for a fun, long weekend with hundreds of Mensans, their families, and friends at the Westin in Wheeling including lots of programs and games as well as most meals. Register Now! (Rates increase after Sunday, July 14th.) Book your room by October 17th.

2/ Tues­day

  • Mensa Foundation Colloquium 2024 “Giftedness Across the Lifespan: Giftedness in the Workplace” in Kansas City, Missouri. See the Mensa Foundation 2024 Colloquium website for details about this event held both in Kansas City, Missouri and virtually the day before the AG starts.

3/ Wednes­day

  • Annual Gathering (AG) “Nerd Camp” in Kansas City, Missouri. See the AML 2024 AG website for details about the AG held Wednesday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 7th.

4/ Thurs­day

  • Conversation with London Mensans 8 AM. Join a video chat with our kin from across the big pond in London at 2 PM BDT. I [Carey] participated previously, along with a few other CAM members, and had a very nice chat with some of our “siblings” in the London area. RSVP (via Meetup preferred) to local host Carey S. to receive the Zoom sign-in information. The London host is Ian David Moseley.
    Virtual Event!!

  • Zoom Lunch 1 PM. Perhaps the longest running Mensa event anywhere, Chicago’s Zoom Lunch (formerly known as the Downtown Lunch) is held every week, alternating between Tuesday and Thursday. Join us for conversation, laughs, and attempts to define words you’ll never use again. The Zoom id is 836 1178 6315 and the passcode is 190710; it is also included as part of your host Jon G.’s contact information if you prefer a link. Questions? Contact Jon via email or call/text him. You may also RSVP via Meetup. We’d love to have you join us!
    Virtual Event!!

  • fourth

    Inde­pend­ence Day

9/ Tues­day

  • Mensa Testing 6 PM. The location is in the River North neighborhood of downtown Chicago. You must prereg­ister and prepay — very limited seating. Parking is very expensive; public transit is strongly recommended! Latecomers (you must arrive before 6 PM to be admitted) and anyone without a reserved spot will not be admitted. If you are or someone you know is interested in joining Mensa, see our Testing Information for contact details and additional dates/lo­ca­tions.
    Event Not in ChiMe!!

10/ Wednes­day

RSVP for Northern Exposure no later than 10 AM. RSVP via Meetup preferred.

  • Northern Ex­po­sure Dinner 6:45 PM. Ice floes in your birdbath? Then you should have dinner with us. Join us at the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar in Vernon Hills—a place I've never been to with a creative menu, so we’ll share the adventure of trying someplace new. Located at 1115 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Vernon Hills Please RSVP on Meetup or via Janice’s email,  , so she can reserve a big enough table.

11/ Thurs­day

  • International Jacques Ellul Society 3-Day Conference today through Saturday. Ellul (January 6, 1912 - May 19, 1994) was a French philosopher, sociologist, and lay theologian who wrote on a variety of subjects, one of which was technology. His book Technology and Culture will be the focus of the conference this year, to be held at Roosevelt University (registration information can be found at

    Robert Theobald, The Nation, wrote: “The Technological Society is one of the most important books of the second half of the twentieth century. In it, Jacques Ellul convincingly demonstrates that technology, which we continue to conceptualize as the servant of man, will overthrow everything that prevents the internal logic of its development, including humanity itself -— unless we take the necessary steps to move human society out of the environment that 'technique' is creating to meet is own needs.” See the article in the June ChiMe.

    If you plan to attend, email Peter K. know, and we can look for each other there, and if you would like, Peter will provide your name to other Mensa attendees so that we will all know who is attending.

12/ Fri­day

  • Poetry Dis­cus­sion 7:30 PM. Our poetry group is using Zoom for meetings. Please send a poem or two to Joe D. by Friday, July 12th. Interested persons who are not currently members of the poetry group can contact Joe D. , and he will email the poems to be discussed. Contact Bill K. for the Zoom links or any help you might need. Do NOT RSVP via Meetup. This event is usually held on the evening of the second Friday of the month.
    Virtual Event!!

13/ Satur­day

  • Rockford-Area Pool Party 2 PM. Bring your own drinks and munchies to pass around to Ted K.’s. We’ll order out for pizza or something. Guests and family (children and grandchildren) welcome! To RSVP and for Ted’s address, for more information, or to get on our email list, contact Dave L., our Rockford-Area Coördinator. Do not RSVP via Meetup. Rain date is Sunday, July 14th at 2 PM.
    Schedule Change!!

  • Rainbow SIG BBQ 5 PM at the home of Jim and Dale in Andersonville. Guests are invited to bring a favorite beverage to share. RSVP to Rainbow SIG coördinator Jim C. (address included as part of Jim’s contact info).

14/ Sun­day

  • Gifted Youth Book Club 12:30 PM. At this Zoom meeting, we will be discussing Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger. Zoom link.
    Virtual Event!!

  • Living A More Satisfied Life 5 PM. Get ready for a fascinating one-hour session where we’re going to unlock the secrets of why using your creative brain is a total game-changer. Imagine diving deep into the awesome differences between the “logical” and “creative” sides of your brain. We’ll explore how this can boost your physical and mental health, discover the long-term perks, and learn some cool tricks you can start using right now to supercharge your creativity and crank up your happiness levels! Don't miss out on this exciting journey to a more satisfying life!

    Speaker Danni Shinya Luo has over 12 years of experience in entertainment art, and 2+ years of experience in the Web3 space specializing in crypto art and tooling. With a traditional art background and excellent communication skills, he bridges the digital and analog art worlds. His previous role as an Art Production Lead and Creator Relations Specialist enabled him to launch multiple successful creative projects. His other experiences in behavioral therapy, fitness, and wellness have given me a well-rounded skill set, allowing him to navigate positively and help others through the myriad of experiences in life! Register here.
    Virtual Event!!

  • bastille

    Bastille Day

15/ Mon­day

  • NNW Dinner: Mexican 6 PM. Dinner will be at Hacienda El Sombrero lo­cated at 1100 S. Elmhurst Rd. in Mount Prospect (in a strip mall on the west side of Elmhurst Rd. (IL RT 83), just south of Golf Rd.). This is a GOBS-subsidized event where ½ the total cost (including tax plus a 20% tip, rounded up to the nearest dollar) of a CAM member’s, and up to one guest’s, dinner will be covered for a maximum of fifteen people — for a maximum subsidy of $20/person; cash (no coins) or PayPal only for your portion. RSVP (and get more details) on Meetup, but if not on Meetup, email Ken L.. Email RSVPs will receive a response from Ken.

  • Irish Mensa Lecture and Discussion: The Toxic Legacy of Lead 1 PM. Irish Mensa meets virtually on the third Monday of each month at 7 PM Irish Time; a discussion then follows the lecture.

    Evidence that childhood lead exposure caused stunted intelligence and behavioral problems motivated efforts to ban lead in petrol, with the world finally eradicating leaded fuel in 2021. This is a public-health success story, but it took a long time to force industry to take action. The lead released from historic emissions persists within the environment and there is emerging evidence of continuing health effects. The legacy of lead remains and will be explored in this lecture.

    Dr. Ian Mudway is a Visiting Professor of Environmental Health. He is a senior lecturer in the School of Public Health at Imperial, a member of the MRC Centre for Environment and Health; MRC & Asthma UK Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma; and the NIHR-PHE Health Protection Research Units in Environmental Exposures and Health and Chemical and Radiation Threats and Hazards.

    He has over 25 years of experience researching the impacts of air pollution on human health and in the development of assays to quantify the toxicity of the chemical cocktails that pollute the air we breathe. Currently his work is focused on understanding early life impacts of pollutants on the development of the lung and cognitive function in children living within urban populations, as well as furthering our fundamental understanding of the mechanisms that drive these adverse effects and modify an individual’s susceptibility to air pollution.

    For the full write-up and to join, visit the American Mensa event. One does not have to register for the event — simply click on the Zoom link at the appropriate date and time.
    Virtual Event!!

18/ Thurs­day

20/ Satur­day

  • Conserv­atives Lunch 11:30 AM. Join other members of the Mensan cell of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy for lunch and civilized un-PC conversation. No forbidden questions, no unchallengeable answers. This lunch happens on the third Saturday every month, but the location changes and can’t always be determined in time to make the ChiMe schedule. If you’re curious about the location at this month’s meeting place, email Jim Z. the event coör­di­na­tor. You may also RSVP via Meetup. Open to non-Mensans; bring a curious friend.

  • Beverly Area Saturday Salon (B.A.S.S.) ~Noon. Spontaneous conversation in far SSW Chicago, approx­i­mate vicinity of 107th St. & Western Ave. Please contact Rick E. the Beverly Area Coördinator, for this month’s lo­ca­tion and the exact time as well as more information; if emailing, put “BASS” in the subject line. This event usually recurs on the 3rd Saturday of the month, about midday.

  • Gifted Youth Virtual Board Game 3 PM. Board Game Arena has a nice facility for playing games with friends on-line. It includes a chat feature and we have a Zoom link for those that want to talk outside of the game. Login to the BGA website before the event and register if you haven’t already joined. Email your username to Bill R. so he can send a message to let people know who they should meet up with. Your host is wrock_NTM.
    Virtual Event!!

21/ Sun­day


Jim Underdown

  • SFRM: Testing Real Life Superpowers Virtual Discussion 4:30 PM. Individuals all over the world claim to have superpowers beyond those of mortal people. And millions believe in the alleged ability to read minds, see into the future, move objects through mental processes, and more. But are these abilities real? That’s where Jim Underdown and the Center for Inquiry Investigations group comes in. Jim’s team tests more paranormal claimants than anyone in the world. He’ll go over the processes and detail-specific methods he and the CFI Investigations Group employ when designing scientifically controlled tests for the CFIIG $500,000 Paranormal Challenge, which happens to be the largest such prize in the world.

    Jim Underdown is executive director of the Center for Inquiry West and the chair and founder of the CFI Investigations Group. He is also one of the hosts of CFI’s flagship podcast, Point of Inquiry, and also hosts SkeptiLab: The Bunk Stops Here!.

    For more details, visit the SFRM Zoom RSVPs FB Group or SFRM Presentation Info for this event.
    Virtual Event!!

23/ Tues­day

  • Break­fast in Mount Pros­pect 10 AM. Breakfast or lunch and conversation at Jelly Café lo­cated at 1784 W. Golf Rd. in Mount Pros­pect (northwest corner of Golf Rd. and Busse Hwy.), featuring a large and diverse menu. Dining might be indoors or outdoors, depending on conditions. Sepa­rate checks are available. Use Meetup, but if not on Meetup, RSVP to Ken L. via email. If you RSVP by email, your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.

  • Dinner Out West: Mexican 6:30 PM. Dinner Out West is going back to the beginning—the very first DOW was at La Hacienda De Roselle at 35 W. Irving Park Rd. in Roselle. They have a large menu and great margaritas. This is a GOBS-subsidized event. GOBS will cover ½ of your meal cost, including tax and tip (rounded up to the nearest dollar), up to a maximum subsidy of $15, for each CAM member and their guest. Cash, Zelle, or PayPal for your portion. Limit 20 people. Reservations are required so Beth knows how big of a table to reserve. RSVP via Meetup (preferred) or directly to Beth W. no later than Sunday, July 21st.

24/ Wednes­day

  • GOBS Request Deadline Noon. Today is the last day to submit a request for GOBS funds to be approved at this Saturday’s Business Meeting for any planned, eligible event, activity, or class taking place after Saturday, July 27th and through Saturday, August 24th or later; to be eligible, events involving CAM members must be published in the issue of ChiMe corresponding to the month in which they occur. For CAM events, it’s recommended you submit the GOBS request and get it approved before submitting your event information for publication in ChiMe — so no later than today for events planned for September. September events need to be submitted by the 1st of August to the activities editor to be included in the September ChiMe. An article must be featured in the September ChiMe for GOBS-subsidized October events with an RSVP deadline in September (same 1st of August deadline but article emailed to the editor; see editorial deadline).

25/ Thurs­day

27/ Satur­day

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    CAM July Monthly Gathering @Rolling Meadows Community Center

    Monthly Gath­ering
    The location of our July Month­ly Gath­ering is the Rolling Mead­ows Com­mu­ni­ty Center
    3705 Pheasant Dr. in Rolling Meadows.

    Games and hos­pi­tal­ity are in the spacious auditorium, with overflow space in the lobby. The speaker event is in the Card Room. A Parents-Kids Play Room is available after the Mensa Test. Park in the NW lot behind the building and use Entrance K (near inner corner). Please note that we have this venue only until midnight, so plan accordingly. This gathering is open to the general public. So if you’re interested in learning more about Chicago Mensa, come join us. There is an admissions fee to help cover costs (major credit cards accepted). Members, RSVP via Meetup to let your friends know you’re going to be there.

    5 PM.
    Business Meeting:
    5 PM.
    Game room opens:
    6 PM.
    7:30 PM.
    8:30 PM - Midnight.

    The CAM Executive Committee has allocated GOBS funds to be used for the reimbursement of either or Uber ridesharing services from/to the Arlington Park METRA station. Details are on our Monthly Gathering page.
    * * * * *
    Get involved! Hone your leadership, organizational, or web skills. We’re looking for vol­un­teers to fill some of the open po­sitions listed both near the back of ChiMe or on the List of Officers. Try your hand as the Gifted Youth Coördinator, a co-Program Officer, a website designer, or a MG Hospitality Volunteer. You can view the job descriptions and the required qualifications for all the open positions and ones you may be interested in. Or consider supervising the children at the MG for some extra cash.
    * * * * *
    Express Yourself
    Write an ar­ticle, submit a photo, or create a puzzle for ChiMe; see our Submission Guidelines for contact information and deadlines. Host your own event or your own virtual event using Discord!


    Program Topic: Artificial Intelligence Promise & Perils

    Are you worried about artificial intelligence?  It seems to be everywhere. Lance Erlick will share with us his research into artificial intelligence.

    As Lance says, “Leading scientific names have expressed concern about the risks posed by AI. Thanks to recent breakthroughs, many milestones, which experts viewed as decades away only seven years ago, have now been reached, making experts take seriously the possibility of superintelligence in our lifetime.

    While some experts still believe human-level AI is centuries away, most researchers at the 2015 Puerto Rico Conference¬†and 2017 Asilomar Conference guessed it could happen before 2060. Come join a discussion of the current state of AI, the promise, myths, threats, and what we should know about changes coming to our world.”

    Show all…

    As the author of the Android Chronicles trilogy, about an advanced android with artificial intelligence who rebels against her creator, science fiction writer Lance Erlick has researched, written, and presented about AI since 2017. He worked with computers and programming since he was 18, and watched capabilities grow exponentially in spurts and pauses since.

    Other than AI, Mr. Erlick has published a variety of science fiction about challenging issues facing our world, such as abrupt climate change (his Regina Shen series), a second American civil war (his Rebel and what happens if an assertive alien species uncovers our treasured retreat on the series), outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy Galaxy (Xenogeneic: First Contact).

    Show less
    If there is a spike in Covid cases, the in-person MG may become virtual & testing would be cancelled!!

28/ Sun­day

  • Theodore Talk: A Horological Discourse: Mechanism, Risk and Wonder 2:30 PM. With ingenuity and design came reflection on our place in the universe, the tilt of the earth’s axis, precision and predictability, and the limits of our cognitive capacities. We engineered mechanisms to navigate our oceans and map the cosmos, explore metaphysical realms by animating the dead and rendering forms from the golden mean. We generated machines of wonder that could play music, make magic and conjure bird song. We made devices for detonating the first manifestation of manmade existential risk, destroying living organisms by the millions.

    Through examining the connections between this diverse set of objects, we will trace the story of craft and the science of horology, demonstrating its pivotal role in design through the ages and why their preservation is vital to our future.

    Brittany Nicole Cox, a horological conservator based in Seattle Washington, has a Masters in the Conservation of Clocks and Related Dynamic Objects from West Dean College, UK. She founded Memoria Technical in 2015 where she teaches, makes original work, and operates her conservation studio. Her work has been shown at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and was featured in National Geographic and two feature-length documentaries. She has written for Vanity Fairem> and is working on a manuscript to be published by Penguin Press. See the full write-up and find contact info on the American Mensa Events website. Even if you can’t attend the live Talk, as long as you register you will receive a link to a recording of the event. Closed captioning enabled.
    Virtual Event!!

* * * * *

1 August/ Thurs­day

  • ChiMe Activ­ity Bulletin and Ad­vertising Dead­lines. Last day for these submissions to the September ChiMe. Interested in organizing and hosting a virtual or in-person event? There’s bound to be an activity or a restaurant you want to try, but you just want some other people to experience it with you. So invite your fellow Mensans. Find out how by visiting our guide to hosting events.

  • ChiMe Editorial Dead­line. Last day for editorial submissions to the September ChiMe. Please submit original ar­ticles, insights, puzzles, brain teasers, photographs, or short poems. Your fellow Chicago Area Mensa members would love to hear from you.

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Chicago Mensa Meetup - All our events are listed; see who signed up, get notifications, and add the event(s) to your personal calendar. Check out the July calendar.

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