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Chicago Area Mensa is on! is a networking site that allows groups to share photos, plan and promote events, share information, and a whole lot more! It’s easy to join the group by going to our Meetup page where you’ll be asked to provide your membership information and, once verified, you’ll be approved shortly.

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And of course we’re on Facebook, also as a closed group.

Plus we have a closed Youth Facebook group, which includes both Mensa Youth members and as well as Mensa members with youth family members. This group organizes events for the younger set as well as for parents who may discuss raising a gifted child, educating a gifted child, and temperament of gifted children (all of whom are unique).

Look at the December or January Activities Bulletin to see the many events hosted by Chicago Area Mensa members. Although we do not post private details of our events in the public section of this site, all the events are listed. Members, however, can access contact information by using their American Mensa email address and password and are encouraged to see ChiMe for articles or Chicago Mensa Meetup.

If you’re interested in getting an event posted, you’ll find instructions here.

The most publicly accessible event is our Monthly Gathering. Usually we have a guest speaker. People mingle and/or play games before and after the presentation. Beverages are also provided. After the presentation snacks are available. Often there is a game of the month where someone teaches that game to anyone who is interested. The atmosphere is very informal and guests are welcome. There is a small fee that includes both the beverages and snacks. If you're interested in joining and just want to meet some Chicago Area Mensa members, come to one of the Monthly Gatherings. If you’ve decided to join, the Mensa test is usually administered before the gathering at 5 PM.

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HalloweeM is the largest Chicago Area Mensa event. It is also the largest regional gathering (RG) in America with over 500 Mensa members and their families in attendance. This spectacular, annual event occurs at the end of October, usually during the last weekend—this year Oct. 26th–29th. The program offers something for everyone including children. Most people who participate become regular attendees because they have so much fun. If you want to be stimulated intellectually, if you have a costume you'd like to wear, if you like to play games, if you like to learn, or, if you just want to have some fun, you should not miss HalloweeM. And check out the prior years' photographs to get an idea of what to expect.

Love to play games? You're in luck. Many Chicago Mensa members share this passion so there are opportunities galore. There are always games at the Monthly Gathering. For online gamers, CAM volunteers have created a customized version of Discord where members talk and/or message one another while playing games on various platforms anytime, day or night. Find out more by visiting our Discord FAQ webpage. And don’t miss our special upcoming games event:

"A Gathering of Gamers"

Games, games, and more games!

Only 68 days until AGoG. Join your fellow Mensa members on February 16th – 18th for fun and games.

Register NOW to qualify for the reduced rate of $85 (adult)/$50 (under 18). Friday, February 2nd is the last day you can preregister. Registering at the door will be an additional $15/adult over the pre-registration rate. Non-Mensa members pay an additional $5.

Do you like games? Do you spend the entire WeeM weekend in the games room? Would you like to do again? No, we're not asking you to wait almost an entire year until WeeM 2024. Instead, we're saying you can do it again this February!!! Every winter, Chicago puts on AGoG — A Gathering of Gamers (this year, February 16th – 18th). It's a weekend-long gathering of just games while socializing with fellow Mensa members and guests. All the games we have at WeeM and more, because folks like you can bring your own to share. We provide food, non-alcoholic beverages, and all the games you want for a reasonable price.

Friday, January 26th is the last day to book a room for the amazing rate of $122.

Several regular monthly events hosted by members focus on playing games. At HalloweeM, there is a dedicated 24-hour game room with over 350 games; some of the programs also target gamers including Trivia tournaments, logic puzzles, poker, and other challenges.

Mensa has special interest group like: Online Boardgaming Ms, Chess M, American Werewolfs of Mensa SIG, and quite a few more. At the Mensa Mind Games® Mensa members have also been able to play games not yet released to the general public and/or to give them the official Mensa seal of approval. And for the Trivia buffs, there’s the annual CultureQuest®, usually held on the last Sunday in April or first Sunday in May.

So those who love to play have many opportunities to indulge and be challenged.

There are a number of local Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Some have been active for decades. National also has over 100 SIGs. However, if none of these spark your interest, members are free to start new SIGs as desired or to organize Mensa events reflecting their own interests.

Members, if you are planning an event, in-person or virtual , and you want it included on the website’s monthly calendar, in Meetup, and in the CAM Events Email, you’ll find all the information you need here on our website. If your event occurs in February or later, you can get your event listed in ChiMe by completing your submission before the deadline (you still have 23 days to submit it). If you’ve missed the deadline, submit the online event form or email the Activities Bulletin Editor  and we’ll add it to Meetup and to the website. If you create an event on Facebook, please notify the Activities Bulletin Editor  so that all members know. So whether it’s an impromptu event, something that’s just come to your attention you think CAM members would enjoy, or you’re just a procrastinator, you can still get the word out to try to get a group of your fellow Mensans together for a last-minute event.

National SIGs: In addition to the Chicago Area Mensa events, there are national SIGs that also organize events, outings, and trips. These are listed on the American Mensa SIGs.

RGs: Many other Local Groups also have Regional Gatherings (RGs). A calendar of the upcoming RGs hosted by various Local Groups is shown on the American Mensa Events Calendar.

International Mensa also has SIGs and Annual Gatherings hosted by countries all over the world, all of which can be found on their website.

Chicago Area Mensa is a safe and inclusive in-person and on-line community for CAM members and guests regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, age or religion.

Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. Unacceptable physical, written, or verbal behavior includes, but is not limited to: intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory, or demeaning conduct.

Please be aware that the other members are real people; gossip and negativity negatively impact the group as a whole. Controversial topics are part of Mensa; that is not license to be tiresome or exhibit a belief that everyone else is wrong. Assume good intentions. If your interactions frequently turn negative, please consider self-reflection.

CAM encourages members to report any illegal activity to the proper authorities. CAM’s response to unacceptable behavior is not dependent on the involvement of outside authorities.

Consequences can include being removed from an event, denial of access to future events and/or CAM on-line communities, and referral to a regional or national hearing.

If you encounter inappropriate behavior, please immediately report it to the event host, a CAM ExComm member, or the CAM Ombudsperson.

More Information?

If you'd like more information about our events or our organization, contact the Membership Chair. If you've decided to join, many of the standardized tests used for entrance exams correlate to IQ and therefore qualify. If you need to get tested, please refer to the test page for dates, lo­ca­tions, and contact information.

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