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Interested in Joining?

If you'd like additional information, call Membership Chair Stacey Kirsch at (630) 766-1289, or email her at

What do I need to qualify? To join Mensa, you must score in the top two percent on any of a number of standard intelligence tests. If you already took such a test, you may submit those scores to qualify. Refer to the list of some tests and corresponding scores that you may submit as prior evidence.
When can I take a qualifying test? If you never took an intelligence test, you may take one sponsored by Mensa. Tests are administered locally at least once a month. Click here for upcoming proctored testing sessions.
May I take a practice test? Yes. Online practice tests are available for $18. The practice test provides a peek into the types of questions one may expect from the official Admission Test. Click here to order one online. Also be sure to try the Mensa Workout quiz just for fun.
Where can I find my prior evidence? You may be able to obtain your scores from the appropriate testing agencies or from your official records from high school or college.
How do I submit my prior evidence to join? Click here to go to the Amerian Mensa websitewhere you will be required to create an account to access the online application to submit your scores. Follow the instructions given regarding scanning or mailing in the prior evidence. The cost for the prior evidence review is $60, which can be paid online at the time of or before prior evidence submission.

If you choose to mail your prior evidence and would like the original report returned to you, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you don't want to part with the original, scan it or send a notarized copy with a stamp or seal and a jurat indicating, "This is a true and accurate copy of the (name of report) score report presented before me on (date)."

You may also submit an official university or college transcript that includes your scores. The transcript must have the school seal or be sealed in a school envelope. It does not have to be the original, nor does it have to be notarized, unless you do not want to part with the official copy. A transcript sent directly from the university or college is acceptable, as is a letter from the registrar on school letterhead, signed by the registrar.

What happens after I submit my prior evidence? If your prior evidence is accepted, American Mensa's national office will send you an invitation to join and a bill for dues. You may pay your dues online by credit card or by direct debit to your bank account.
How do I rejoin? If were once a member of American Mensa and would like to rejoin, please call the national office at (817) 607-0060, or send an email to If you know your membership number, you may pay dues online for the current membership year by credit card or by direct debit to your bank account. You do not have to take another test.
What can I expect after I pay my dues? The national office will process your payment and send you a national Welcome Packet within two weeks of receipt of payment. Once a month, the national office sends each local group a list of new members, so it may take two to six weeks from the date your payment is processed before you receive a Welcome Packet from Chicago Area Mensa. The packet will include the current issue of ChiMe, our local monthly newsletter, and a Membership Handbook.
How can I get more information? Call Membership Chair Stacey Kirsch at (630) 766-1289, or email her at
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