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How to Participate in the CAM Virtual MG

It is recommended that you do all the steps below for Zoom and complete the setup of Board Game Arena as early as possible to make sure that you have all the technical capabilities in place to effectively and successfully participate in the Virtual Monthly Gathering.


The Zoom app will be needed for the social portion of the meeting and to participate in some games, like Code Names, Dominion, The Game of Things, and certain social deduction games.


  • Download the Zoom app on to the device that you’ll be using for the meeting. Ideally it should be a device that has audio and video capabilities, and a good internet connection. You can use a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
  • Create an account (we recommend you do not use Facebook to create your login information).
  • Be sure to test out the microphone and camera on your device well before the meeting. Zoom should allow you to do a test run of your video and audio capabilities when you first log in. Be sure to allow the Zoom app permission to access your camera and microphone.

The Zoom MG Sign-In Info will not be released until the evening of Thursday, October 22nd.

Entering the Virtual Monthly Gathering

  • To sign into the Zoom Business Meeting or Monthly Gathering, click the link provided on the Zoom Sign-In Info page (link provided here the evening of Thursday, October 22nd), or open your Zoom app and enter the meeting number and password (also provided on the Zoom Sign-In Info page.
  • When you log on, it will prompt you to use your device audio, or call in. If your internet connection is not good, it’s best to enter your phone number and connect via phone.
  • If you’re having trouble, look to the lower right corner of your screen. You’ll see a microphone icon , which controls your audio feed, and a camera icon , which controls your video feed. Click on either to temporarily stop the feed (mute or stop video) or click the little carrot (^) next to either to modify the settings.

Please leave your microphone on mute when not actively speaking unless you’re in a breakout room.

Zoom Tips

  • See the CAM Zoom FAQ.
  • Check out for an explanation of some of the Zoom features like setting your background, how to mute, as well as tips to avoid “Zoom bombing” after the “13 Zoom…”
  • Zoom also has a lot of information on their support pages support pages, including information about setting up your account, muting, and specifying a background.
  • Don't use Facebook to log in to this site (or any other site) unless you want Facebook to have access to data about everything you’re doing. Facebook lacks any ethics about selling all your personal data nor about targeting you with information, or misinformation, intended to manipulate you into spending more time on its site.
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