Monopoly Puzzler #2


In a game of Monopoly, what card other than the two "Go To Jail" cards can sometimes send you to jail?

(It must be admitted that almost no one would recognize this event if it were to happen, but a strict reading of the rules would send the player to jail.)

When you draw "ADVANCE TOKEN TO NEAREST UTILITY" and that utility is already owned, you are instructed to throw the dice to determine the rent to pay. The rules do not distinguish between a throw of the dice made for movement and a throw made due to a draw of this card, so if you throw doubles twice to move your token, draw this Chance card on the second move, and throw doubles to determine the rent, you must go to jail.

You could also draw this card on your first roll of doubles, roll doubles for the rent, and then roll doubles a third time, making this card a contributing factor in your being sent to jail.

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