Chicago Area Mensa Awards

Committee Selection Process

  • The Executive Committee (formerly known as Board of Directors) nominates the Awards Committee Chair.
  • The Chair selects 2 to 4 currently active, previous award winners to serve as committee members.
  • No more than one member may be selected from each of the [geographic] areas defined below.
  • Winners are selected by a majority of the committee.

Selection of Candidates/Winners (Annually)

There are two types of awards:

Extended, Outstanding Service Award

The award is a plaque to one member of Chicago Area Mensa.

  1. For consistent service
  2. Over a minimum of 3 years
  3. In multiple capacities
  4. Has not been awarded a plaque in the last 3 years
  5. May have been awarded a certificate at any time previously

Service to Mensa Award

The award is a certificate issued to a maximum of 5 members of Chicago Area Mensa:

  1. Select a maximum of 3 from Chicago and
  2. select a maximum of 2 from each of the following Greater Chicago areas:  
    • North suburbs
    • Northwest Suburbs and Rockford area
    • West Suburbs
    • South Suburbs or Southwest Area
  1. Service over a minimum period of 2 years
  2. In, preferably, more than one capacity
  3. Has not won this award in the last 3 years

Recommendations for both awards

  • Services to regional and national Mensa be given consideration, but be weighted less than service to Chicago Area Mensa
  • Services in remote areas with little activity be given relatively greater weight
  • Length of service be given equal weight to number of services. Example: Candidate A provides one service for 10 years. Candidate B provides 2 services for 5 years each, sequentially. A & B are equally qualified.
  • Services be rated by the value of the benefit to the membership or the critical nature of the work done.
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