CultureQuest® XXXV
Sunday, April 28th at 3 PM CT

CultureQuest® for Fame and Glory—or if not fame and glory, admiration from your Mensa friends for how much you know.

What is CultureQuest®?

Facing questions that range from film to politics, from literature to geography, from music to history and further afield, Mensan teams of up to five members gather in their neighborhoods on a single day across the U.S. and Canada and, for 90 minutes, compete for cash prizes and cultural literacy bragging rights. While CultureQuest® might be considered a trivia game or competition, its intent has always been to promote and test cultural literacy.

What constitutes a team?

Teams may consist of up to five primary players and up to two alternates. All "Classic" team members and the captain of any "Next Generation" team must have renewed their Mensa membership prior to April 1st. Although there are no age restrictions to compete as a "Classic" team, all members of a "Next Generation" team must be born on or after April 29th, 2006. Team members need not be from the same Mensa Local Group, but any prize money awarded will be paid to the Team Captain’s Local Group. For all the rules and important deadlines and dates, visit the CultureQuest® XXXV Contest Rules webpage.

Virtual or in-person?

Teams may choose whether to gather in person or virtually to complete the quiz based on each team’s local, state, and national safety guidelines. If all team members feel it is safe to do so, they can meet in-person to complete the exam. However, if the team prefers, they can meet virtually to complete the exam using the online meeting platform of their choice. (Virtual teams can request a Discord channel on the CAM server from our Discord Team .)

Can I change the team after registration?

Yes, but no later than Sunday, April 14th. For all the rules and important deadlines and dates, visit the CultureQuest® XXXV Contest Rules webpage.

What do we need to do to register?

The entry fee is $50 per U.S. team. CultureQuest® XXXV registration closed Sunday, March 31st.

What do I need to do have CAM cover the registration fee?

The CultureQuest® registration fee qualifies for GOBS funding, please submit a GOBS application GOBS funding request after registering and before noon on any of the following GOBS deadline:

  • Wednesday, April 24th

I submitted the GOBS application and it was approved. How do I get my $50 back?

After 5:30 PM CT Sunday, April 28th, after your team has submitted all its answers and CultureQuest® XXXV is officially over, simply fill out the CAM Reimbursement form. Please submit it before May 31st. Per the GOBS trust, you cannot get reimbursed after Monday, October 28th.

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