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Best of ChiMe

These articles by Chicago members appeared in ChiMe, our local group's newsletter, in years gone by. The pdf versions of more recent issues of ChiMe are available to Mensa members.

One-Size-Fits-All Story (serial)
Eva Schultz, January-June 2004
A Walk in Their Moccasins
Robb Murray, March 2003
Sky Soaring
Robb Murray, February 2003
A Tale of Two Islands
Robert Stalzer, November, 2002
Mothers' Day
Joan Scoggin, October, 2002
Games Ladies Play
Robin Crawford, September, 2002
Godzilla in a Tux
John Collier, March, 2002
Bayes' Theorem and the Case of the Colored Coins
Robert Stalzer, December, 2001

The authors retain copyright.

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