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Feature Articles and More

There's more to Chicago Area Mensa than just activities, scholarships, e‑mail lists, and gatherings. We try to meet all your intellectual needs and to that end we offer a selection of articles, pictures, and puzzles to help you while away your time on-line. Enjoy.

  • Chicago Area Mensa's Photo Albums.

  • Cynthia Clampitt's Cheap Eats - a vast collection of recipes from all over the world, accompanied by tales of food history, world travels, and life in and out of the kitchen.

  • The Best of ChiMe — selected original material from our award-winning local newsletter.

  • Puzzles - Crossword, Logic, and other sorts of puzzles created by Chicago members.

  • Essays, humor, slices of life and other original works not previously printed in ChiMe.

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