Cryptic Crossword #2

The clues in this puzzler are in the "Cryptic" style, which means that each one contains a definition and an additional hint about the construction of the answer. You can find very nice introductions to this sort of clue in Crossword Clue Solver or The Guardian.

Don’t worry about the theme — even the non-fan is acquainted with the absent friends.

  1. Eight answers are capitalized.
  2. 7D is a variant not in Webster’s.
Science Fiction's Absent Friends
1   2   3   4   5   6    
8               9        
10       11                
12               13   14    
17           18   19        

1. Affirmative, shuffle meditation with slothful absent friend.
8. Bore within Jamaica liberation.
9. 1996 murder mystery adapted for Annual Gathering.
10. Absent friend Ms. lang follows hip injury with back talk before sound of revulsion.
12. One morning crude nonsense: short-long feet.
13. Hart's mate leads university Brahman.
16. Absent friend reassembled a mosaic visa.
17. Quisling's heart carries male mostly opposite of 18 Across.
18. Colossal attic in disorder.
20. Absent friend is excellent in chasm or west wing.
1. Fete is top for Moneypenny.
2. Everything I put into Juicyfruit is easily melted metal.
3. Support kid.
4. Return regret next after cry of triumph.
5. Alarms, corrects after a double failure.
6. Norwegian squared in biathlon or skiiing.
7. Nobody with endless gibe, outspoken, unambiguous.
11. Against all erotic centers, one who puts in service.
14. Candidate's refusal to dig into aide's end.
15. Dancing chesty tool of Death.
16. One wizard's icon.
19. Sailor from Star's End.
Science Fiction's Absent Friends
1R O 2G E 3R Z 4E L 5A Z 6N Y  
E   A   I   U   F   O   7N
8C A L I B E R   9F A R G O
E   L       E   R   S   N
10P H I L 11I P K D I C K   E
T   U   N   A   G       Q
12I A M B S       13H I 14N D U
O       T   15S   T   O   I
N   16I S A A C A S I M O V
I   M   L   Y       I   O
17S M A L L   18T I 19T A N I C
T   G   E   H   A   E   A
  20G E O R G E O R W E L L

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