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Chicago Area Mensa is a welcoming organization that provides a framework for intelligent individuals to interact and pursue common interests in order to build a social community.

One out of every fifty people qualifies for Mensa...
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Mensans come from all walks of life. They range from three to one hundred years old. They represent both sexes, all races, various professions, and many beliefs. In fact, there's only one thing all Mensans have in common: high intelligence. To qualify for Mensa, you must have scored in the top 2% of the general population on a standardized intelligence test. There are many . Once you've decided to join us, a world of social and intellectual opportunities is open to you.

If our local events don't keep you busy enough, there are many other opportunities to meet other Mensans from all over the globe. Each October, Chicago Area Mensa hosts HalloweeM, one of the grandest of all the Regional Gatherings. In the summer, Mensans from around the country get together at the Annual Gathering, which is a feast of presentations and activities for our omnivorous minds. There are also the American Mensa Colloquium: "Privacy in the 21st Century: Mystery or Myth?" was the most recent one held this last July. Past topics included "The Evolution and Revolution of Manufacturing", "The Nature of Genetics," "Between Science Fiction and Science," "Crime Scene Intelligence," "Social and Video Games", "Electronic Gaming and Its Impact on Society," and "Weather."

In a Twitter world, it's good to find some PBS minds. Come, see what we can do for you.

Participate & Socialize!

Only 14 days until HalloweeM 44: May the Fours Be With You!
Join over 500 Mensans here in Chicago for an amazing, long, family-friendly weekend. Our Regional Gathering (RG) is the largest and the program offers plenty of variety to stimuate your mind, plenty of games and contests to challenge you, and many opportunitys to have fun, dance, converse and just enjoy yourself. Many of the pun-tastic costume parade entries will make you laugh (or groan). Meals, snacks, and beverages are included with the exception of dinner on Saturday. Click/Tap here for all the details.

Mensans, you can now register for HalloweeM 44: May the Fours Be With You! You don't want to miss the terrific program and this incredibly fun experience that runs from Thursday, October 31st through Sunday, November 3rd. Tomorrow is the last day you can preregister and qualify for a discount. If paying by check, it must be received by tomorrow or you will have to pay the increased rate.

The hotel is offering a special $117 WeeM rate through October 17th, subject to availability.

Space has run out but sign up to be put on the waitlist for the Excursion now! The deadline has been moved up to Friday, October 18th but signup may close earler.

Volunteer now!

It's Halloween and you want to dress up and go to a party, of course. The stars have aligned this year and this is a fun opportunity to join the largest Halloween party by attending our RG Friday, November 1st. See great costumes, participate in the contest (best & worst pun, traditional, etc), enjoy a delicious meal, imbibe if you like, meet Mensans from all over the country (even some from across the oceans), and dance the night away. It's the perfect party!

"A Gathering of Gamers"

Games, games, and more games!

Only 99 days until AGOG. Join your fellow Mensans on January 24th – 26th for fun and games.

The rates go up after Sunday, December 15th so register today to qualify for the best rate.

Do you like games? Do you spend the entire WeeM weekend in the games room? Would you like to do again? No, we're not asking you to wait another year until WeeM 2020. Instead, we're saying you can do it again this January!!! Every winter, Chicago puts on AGOG — A Gathering of Gamers (this year, January 24th – 26th). It's a weekend-long gathering of just games. All the games we have at WeeM and more, because folks like you can bring your own to share. We provide food, non-alcoholic beverages, and all the games you want for a reasonable price.

Friday, January 10th is the last day to book a roomNew Tab for the amazing rate of $108.

AML Diamond

Mensa Fame:
Chicago won the American Mensa Diamond Jewel Award in 2019, 2018, 2016 and 2014, the Ruby in 2016 and 2014, the Sapphire in 2019 and 2017, and the Emerald in 2015. Chicago is also the only nine-time GOTYA (now replaced by the Jewel Award) winner in Mensa.

Mensa was featured on CBS Sunday Morning (including notable Chicago Area Mensans!) some years ago. See the show on CBS's YouTube channel:

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