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(Special Interest Groups)

There is no “membership” in the local Special Interest Groups (SIGs). All SIG activities are open to any Mensan interested in that subject or activity. The acronym “SIG” may be applied at the discretion of the host to any regularly scheduled, Mensan-organized event or activity. If an activity is open to the general public, it will be stated in the announcement.

Mensans, their spouses, and accompanied guests may attend activities. Please observe requests for res­ervations. You are encouraged to contact the host before an event to assist in planning and to promote carpooling. Most events are non-smoking. Please observe smoking restrictions.

Note: Standing policy of both American Mensa and Chicago Area Mensa stipulates that, at parties held in private homes, the choice of who may attend is at the discretion of the host.

We currently offer these long-standing local SIGs as well as others:

  • Futures and Fantasies

    F&F meets during odd-numbered months, usually on the second Sunday, usually at a library. Participants propose, select, and presumably read books in the science fiction and fantasy genres, as well as plain English science fact books (Hosted SIG).

  • Poetry SIG

    Meets monthly usually during the evening of the second Friday. Participants read and discuss poetry, which is mailed out beforehand (Hosted SIG).

  • Single Mensans Over Thirty-something (SMOT)

    A variety of activities for adults of many ages (Hosted SIG).

  • Young Active Mensans (YAMs)

    Occasional activities for members in their twenties and thirties (Hosted SIG).

And then there are some newer ones like:

  • Rainbow SIG

    A band of happy folk focusing on LGBTQ+ concerns and what LGBT+s have to offer (Hosted SIG). They even have their own website (link to it via Hosted SIG).

In addition to the local SIGs, American Mensa also has numerous SIGs — interests include astronomy/astrophysics, beer, Shakespeare, aviation, Jimmy Buffett, poker, chess, motorcycles, Esperanto, renewable energy, and many more (see the American Mensa SIG Handbook for information on creating a national SIG). So you're bound to find a group that shares your interests.

If you find these activities intriguing but have not yet joined Mensa, please contact our Membership Chair.

Hosted SIGs

SIG Contact Information for Current Members

Communicating via Mensa Connect (like our old E‑Mail Lists)

Mensa Connect is the newest e-mail-based communications tool for groups of Mensa members. To send and receive e-mails via Mensa Connect, you must first join a community (aka group). You will be automatically enrolled in certain communities like the one for the Chicago Area Mensa and, based upon your zip code, one of the Area Coördinator’s Communities. If you signed up for an E-Mail List prior to 2020, you would have been transferred over to the community replacing that E-Mail List (some were eliminated due to inactivity). The CAM Chat Group on Mensa Connect is not based upon any particular interest or subject but one that enables members to voice their opinions or to enlighten other members, but most people have chosen to do so by joining the various closed Mensa Facebook groups. There are also the American Mensa Hospitality and Firehouse communities for those who wish to avoid Facebook or just enjoy using Mensa Connect. So join a Mensa Connect community that reflects your interests. Once you join, you can see any prior communication and can initiate your own. You can opt out any time you wish, so there’s no harm in checking one out. More information and tips are on our Group E‑Mail page.

Mensa Connect & E-Mail List Information for Current Members

Organizing/Hosting Events

As a Mensan, you can organize events whenever you like and limit them to members of an e‑mail list or you can organize an event that includes all Mensans. If you'd like to include all Chicago Area Mensans, the best way is via ChiMe. That way you will reach not only those who have access to e‑mail, but all the members of Chicago Area Mensa. If you’d like to plan an event, in-person or virtual , and you want it included on the website’s monthly calendar, in Meetup, and in the CAM Events E-Mail, you’ll find all the information you need here on our website. These instructions include how to apply to use the CAM premium Zoom account for hosting a virtual event. If your event occurs in December or later, you can get your event listed in ChiMe by completing your submission before the deadline (you still have 10 days to submit it). If you create an event on Facebook, please notify the Activities Bulletin Editor  so that all members know. So whether it’s an impromptu event, something that’s just come to your attention you think Mensans would enjoy, or you’re just a procrastinator, you can still get the word out to try to get a group of your fellow Mensans together for a last-minute event.

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