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WeeM 2023 is over but check this site in the spring of 2024 for information about our next RG.

You had a great time in years past, and this year promises to be more memorable than ever.

During WeeM, use the Volunteer sign-up form! You’ll earn a ticket for the Sunday raffle for every two-hour shift. Ask your friends to join you.


Volunteering offers you a great opportunity to be in the spotlight, become part of WeeM 47’s elite production crew, and hobnob with the stars of WeeM! Volunteer to earn the coveted 2023 WeeM-theme Volunteer Pin — the rest of the attendees will be so jealous — and maybe win some cash! It’s the volunteers that make WeeM so special. In addition to the producers, we need many people to help us. There is much to do and you will meet some of the nicest people (afterall, Mensans and guests who volunteer are truly the best).

Note: WeeMsters are responsible for cleaning up their own mess so feel free to gently remind anyone who is leaving the Game Room or Hospitality without doing so. Consider volunteering for any of the following:

  • Loading up the truck on Thursday
  • Set up at the hotel on Thursday
  • Work in hospitality to make sure food is available throughout the day as well as at mealtimes
  • Restocking the beverages
  • Replenishing the snacks and tidying up those areas
  • Registration
  • Organize the books for the sale by separating them into the different genres; some heavy lifting may be required by the stronger volunteers
  • Help check that the people at WeeM are indeed registered (wearing their badges for the appropriate day) and meet the age restriction at functions like Pretentious Drinking
  • At meal times, help direct people to the queue outside of Hospitality to enter the serving area.
  • Encourage people in Hospitality and the Games Room to bus their own tables.
  • Serve as speaker shepards where you greet speakers, show them where to go, and ensure they have the equipment they need for their program
  • Tidying up of Games Room by putting games away and restacking them
  • Logistics/Runners
  • Tearing down on Sunday and packing everything up
  • Unloading the truck at the storage facility

Benefits of Volunteering

  • That warm fuzzy feeling one gets for doing good.
  • Volunteers get the coveted WeeM pin (new design every year) when they donate four hours or more.
  • For every hour you donate, earn a raffle ticket for prizes. People working hospitality, the wee hours, and other positions/time slots also earn double tickets! And there are even triple tickets for Thursday’s setup and Friday’s breakdown. Plus an additional, exclusive raffle for setup on Thursday and tear down on Sunday — slots that earn double and triple tickets are listed on the online form. The raffle will be held late Sunday morning, at 11 AM, during the Awards & Announcements program, so be sure to submit your completed tickets before then. Winners need not be present for prizes of more than $20. Prizes include Amazon & AMC gift cards.

. You can no longer sign up online today, but . Use the Volunteer sign up form on-site. If you don't have a 5G device, try connecting to the wifi in the lobby or ask a friend if you may temporarily use their device to sign up — look for the QR code posted near registration, on the PAAG, or in the Program Booklet — get a friend or group to join you and increase the fun.

Thank You! We really do appreciate all those who pitch in. It wouldn't be such a great RG if it weren't for all that people do.

The latest Programs At A Glance (PAAG) (when it becomes available) shows you when and where the tournaments and programs are scheduled and helps you avoid volunteering during a time slot that may conflict with something you wish to attend. As always, there may be last minutes changes due to cancellations and/or conflicts and the PAAG will be updated accordingly.

NOTE: Do not delete your confirmation email. If you need to rearrange your volunteer schedule and doing so requires you to cancel a slot, using the link in your confirmation e-mail will make it really easy. Click on the link, and it will take your personal list of Commitments. Cancel by tapping/clicking on a specific slot. The Slot details will appear and you have the option to cancel by tapping/clicking on Cancel This at the very bottom of the screen.

If you have any questions or issues, contact our Volunteer Coördinator .

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