The 2023 WeeM TeaM

Need help? Have a question about WeeM? Contact us. We’re glad to help! Contact our Chair if there is no e-mail associated with the position.

WeeM Chair
Heather Booton
Program Chairs
Laceé Hudec Cynthia Clampitt
Excursions Chair
Cynthia Clampitt
Hotel Liaison
Heather Booton
Lynn Collier
Theo Sparks
Tourney Coördinator
Deb Johnston
Vendor Liaison
Rae Goodman
AV Coördinators
Damian Christianson
Peter Dudeck
Dave Schmidt
Awards Chair
Teresa Tucker
Book Sale Chairs
Teresa Tucker & Robert Little
OPEN. Please apply  if interested.
Decorations Chair
OPEN. Please apply  if interested.
Hieu Nguyen
John “Dewey” Bradford
Games Warden
Ed Barta
Hospitality Beverage Chair
Dave Gudjonis
Hospitality Chairs
Rhonda Peek
Susan Woodill
Logistics Coördinator
OPEN. Please apply  if interested.
Logo & Pin Designer & T-Shirt Coördinator
OPEN. Please apply  if interested.
Peace Force Coördinator
Art Sparks
John Muellner
Colleen & Alan Baltis
The Pretentious Pourers
Pretentious Music
OPEN. Please apply  if interested.
Program Book
Dave Gudjonis
John Muellner
Teresa Tucker
Publicity Chair
Beth Weiss
Stephen Rider
Special Events Treasurer
Allison Reeves
Truck Coördinator
Clyde Forrester
Laceé Hudec
Volunteer Coördinator
Nat Arons
Barb Pohl
The Fabulous Websters
Join the WebDesign Team!

HalloweeM volunteers do not have to be members of Mensa so feel free to contact our Chair if you’d like to help out by filling any of the open positions.

E-Mail Address Issues?

Describe the problem you had with an e‑mail not going through to any e‑mail address ending in by e‑mailing our .


  • Registration - Discounts for advanced registration are available through Friday, October 13th. (Note: Full payment is required by the appropriate deadline to qualify for the discount for which you registered. )
  • Excursions - Sign up for any of the Excursions by Wednesday, October 11th. Since space is limited, the deadline may move up depending upon demand.
  • Vendor space - Please complete and submit a Vendor Application by Sunday, October 15th. If you have any questions after reviewing the Vendor Flyer containing all the details, contact the WeeM Vendor Liaison .
  • Lodging - The hotel is offering a WeeM rate of $124 through Thursday, October 5th, subject to availability. If the hotel block is full, please contact our WeeM Chair  who will try to expand the block.
  • Speaker/Tournament Submissions - The deadline to submit your proposal for a program or tournament is Saturday, September 30th.

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