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HalloweeM 45: The Vinyl Frontier

October 29 – November 1, 2020

Check this site in August for information about our 45th WeeM!

Program Details 2019*


GenX Meet and Greet


Welcome to the GenX SIG! All Mensans born in the years 1961 through 1981 are eligible for membership. Come join us, and see what we are all about.

Must be over 21.

Presenter’s Name

Tracey Guice

Presenter’s Bio

Tracey Guice is the National Coordinator the GenX SIG. She also serves as the Vice Chairman for Region 8, the 2nd Vice Chair and the RG Committee Chair for Mensa of Western Washington and on the SIGs Advisory Committee for American Mensa

*Note: This program was offered last year and may or may not be offered again this year.

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