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HalloweeM 45: The Vinyl Frontier

October 29 – November 1, 2020

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What Car Maintenance Can I Still Do Myself?


As our cars get more fuel efficient and are lasting longer, they are also getting more complicated and computerized. But don’t despair! There are still plenty of maintenance repairs and routine inspections that owners can still do themselves. And when you can’t do it yourself, how do you choose a technician? With a minimal amount of mechanical aptitude and a few specialty tools, consumers can still perform many recommended tasks to save money, stay safe and feel the accomplishment of doing something yourself. Come on and let’s get dirty!

Presenter’s Name

Len Hiznay

Presenter’s Bio

My career history includes automotive technician, auto repair shop owner and auto parts store manager. As a lifelong "gear head" and auto enthusiast, together with my son, we have owned and repaired go karts, motorcycles and too many cars and trucks to count. To me, a day spent in the garage is like a vacation. As an award winning member of Toastmasters International, I am thrilled to be invited back to your Mensa convention for my 5th year.

*Note: This program was offered last year and may or may not be offered again this year.

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