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October 31 – November 3, 2019

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The German Jewish Exodus - How the Ungers came to America


Bernie Unger is a child of the holocaust. Both of his parents emigrated independently from Germany to the United States via Latin America in a modern day Exodus that is full of peril, impossible plot twists and serendipity. This talk honors a promise to his father to keep the Exodus stories alive after the original holocaust generation dies out. World economic and political backdrop is covered to show how decisions made in Washington, Berlin and elsewhere translated into actual events in the narratives.

Presenter’s Name

Bernie Unger

Presenter’s Bio

Bernie is a Caltech and UCSB graduate, now retired with his wife Judy in Discovery Bay, CA after a career in Chemical Engineering. He spends his time trying hard to keep the boat docked in his backyard running and sea-worthy.

Besides that, Bernie is a child of the holocaust who has documented and, in so far as is possible, validated the stories his parents told him.

*Note: The information above is a draft provided by the presenter and may be different in the WeeM Booklet.

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