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HalloweeM 43: Ready for Prime Time

October 25 – 28, 2018

Program Details*


Preview of Mensa’s 2018 Annual Gathering in Indianapolis


The 2018 AG will be held in Indianapolis July 4-8, 2018 at the award-winning JW Marriott hotel in downtown Indy. Come for a short preview of why this AG will be one you won’t want to miss. And if that’s not enough, there MAY be door prizes involved.

Presenter’s Name

Teresa Gregory

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Presenter’s Bio

Teresa Gregory and Jan Pfeil Doyle have traded off being LocSec of Central Indiana Mensa for over 10 years. In a streak of (additional) questionable sanity, they applied to co-chair the 2018 AG in Indianapolis and were appointed. Now they’re on a quest to show the world that Indy has more than corn and race cars.

*Note: The information above is a draft provided by the presenter and may be different in the WeeM Booklet.

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