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HalloweeM 45: The Vinyl Frontier

October 29 – November 1, 2020

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Vegas Unmasked


Las Vegas is known widely for her fabulous persona and ribald behavior. That's fine with her, because you might not keep coming to visit if you saw what she looks like without makeup and feathers. In this illustrated talk, find out what Vegas is like underneath the stereotypes. Get the answers to questions you never knew to ask, like why are there so many flavors of SPAM in the supermarkets, and what is that strange-looking structure on the side of Sunrise Mountain? Bring your own observations, too, please!

Presenter’s Name

Megan Edwards

Presenter’s Website

Presenter’s Bio

When research for a novel drew Megan Edwards unwillingly to Las Vegas, she expected to stay only as long as absolutely necessary—three weeks at the most. But Las Vegas changed her mind, and she's still there, 19 years later. The author of 5 books including 3 award-winning novels, Edwards is founder and editor of, a contributor to Southern Nevada's NPR magazine, and a frequent speaker on what has become her favorite topc: fabulous—and fabulously misunderstood—Las Vegas.

*Note: This program was offered last year and may or may not be offered again this year.

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