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HalloweeM 45: The Vinyl Frontier

October 29 – November 1, 2020

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Program Details 2019*


The Best of Disney's True-Life Adventures


Disney revolutionized nature films with his "True-Life Adventures" films, putting the vast talents of his giant studio into what had been a low-budget market. Clips not seen at the CAM April Monthly Gathering include Perri, square-dancing scorpions, a rhino stuck in mud, otters playing with gators, and prairie dogs and a squirrel riding a tortoise.

Presenter’s Name

Robert Finnegan

Presenter’s Bio

Bob Finnegan is an avid film buff with an impressive collection of documentaries and information on a wide range of topics. Favorites include illusions, animals, disasters, and especially movies and moviemaking, behind-the-scenes footage, and movie-star insights.

*Note: This program was offered last year and may or may not be offered again this year.

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