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HalloweeM 45: The Vinyl Frontier

October 29 – November 1, 2020

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Publishing and Getting Paid in the Era of DIY and Kickstarter


You've written a book: congratulations! Now what? Do you look for a traditional publisher? How? Do you self-publish it? How? And most importantly, how do you get paid for it? Ian Randal Strock has published several books traditionally, and a few more via more modern means. As the publisher of Fantastic Books, he's run several successful Kickstarter campaigns, and will share hints and details on how to succeed, no matter which path you choose.

Presenter’s Name

Ian Randal Strock

Presenter’s Website

Presenter’s Bio

Ian Randal Strock is the owner and publisher of Fantastic Books (, formerly an editor at Asimov's, Analog, Artemis, Baen, SF Chronicle, and many more. He is the author of The Presidential Book of Lists (Random House) and Ranking the Vice Presidents and Ranking the First Ladies (Carrel Books). His short fiction has appeared in Analog, Nature, and several anthologies. He is also the RVC of Region 1.

*Note: This program was offered last year and may or may not be offered again this year.

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