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HalloweeM 45: The Vinyl Frontier

October 29 – November 1, 2020

Volunteer for WeeM!

Volunteer Signup for WeeM will start in September so please return then. Thanks.

Volunteering offers you a great opportunity to be in the spotlight, become part of the cast of WeeM 43, and hobnob with the stars of WeeM! Volunteer at HalloweeM and earn your Volunteer Pin — the rest of the attendees will be so jealous! It’s the volunteers that make WeeM so special. In addition to the organizers, we need people to help us. There is much to do and you get to meet some of the nicest people (afterall, Mensans who volunteer are the best Mensans). Consider volunteering for any of the following:

  • Set up at the hotel on Thursday
  • Work in hospitality to make sure food is available throughout the day as well as at mealtimes and there are plenty of beverages
  • Registration
  • Organize the books for the sale by separating them into the different genres; some heavy lifting may be required by the stronger volunteers
  • Help check that the people at WeeM are indeed registered (wearing their badges for the appropriate day) and meet the age restriction at functions like Pretentious Drinking
  • Serve as speaker shepards where you greet speakers, show them where to go and ensure they have the equipment they need for their program
  • Tidying up of Games Room
  • Logistics/Runners
  • Tearing down on Sunday and packing everything up

Volunteers get the coveted WeeM pin (new design every year) and also earn tickets for the Volunteer Raffle. People working the wee hours and those that sign up in advance earn double tickets! You can’ up sign up yet so please check in September. As always, there will be sign-up sheets onsite near registration for those who decide to contribute any time during their attendance at WeeM — get a friend to join you and increase the fun. We really do appreciate all those who pitch in. It wouldn't be such a great RG if it weren't for all that people do.

NOTE: Do not delete your confirmation email. If you need to rearrange your volunteer schedule and doing so requires you to cancel a slot, you’ll need to use the link in your confirmation e-mail.

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