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Check this site in the late spring/early summer for information about our 45th WeeM!

HalloweeM 44½: A WeeM-Away

October 30 – November 1, 2020

Join us for our Virtual WeeM via Discord! There’s never been an RG like this!

Advantages of Our HalloweeM Discord lion Server

  • There’s a welcome channel that helps people understand the HalloweeM Discord layout. (Or see FAQ "I’m not familiar…".)
  • Flexibility to move yourself among the different "rooms" (aka audio/video channels) to view a presentation or talk, and text-only channels where you chat via typed messages. These channels enable you to participate in tournaments, play online games, or just chat with other attendees in the same channel.
  • You can see who is in any of the channels: everyone is listed individually to the right and the list of audio and text-only channels, including who is in them, is shown on the left. Under Hospitality, there are "Tables" of different sizes and you can audio/video chat with any of the people listed or encourage people to join you at an empty one by messaging them. There are also channels named to be "conversion starters", not that there are any restrictions limiting anyone’s ability to go off topic.
  • Under Programs, in the Speaker Room channels, you can see easily which speakers are stream­ing Live.
  • Under Games, in the find-a-game channel, you can see the list of games and for which ones you need to register (see FAQ "How do I play games…" for list to do so in advance).
  • Scroll down the channel list and after Hospitality you’ll see the SIGs and other common interest group channels which you can join and video chat. Some of the SIG leaders have the ability to restrict who joins the channel.

One-Time Discord Set-Up

Get the Discord App & Register

  1. Download the Discord app onto your device from Google Play , the Apple App Store, or get it from their website.
  2. Register your new account.
  3. You will get a verification email. Tap/click on the blue button in the email to verify your email address.

Discord provides a Beginner’s Guide.

Invitation Link to the HalloweeM Discord Server

The Invitation Link to access our customized HalloweeM Discord server will be available HERE no later than noon Friday, October 30th. People will be given a chance to familiarize themselves with the set up and to mingle.

Speakers, Tournament Leaders, and WeeM Team Volunteers will get the earlier to verify they can use it from their device.

Join the HalloweeM Discord Server

Once you have our Invitation Link, simply click on it. If you have the Discord app (recommended), Discord will handle redirecting you to it. You’ll see a "Join" screen and just click on the blue button and you're in! Then the HalloweeM server icon will alway appear along the left edge of the Discord app.

CAM HalloweeM Discord

Never used Discord? Get started by viewing the EASY Discord Tutorial video on YouTube. Curious about how to view the programs or chat with your fellow WeeM attendees? Click on the button below to find out more about our WeeM-customized version.


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