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The 2018 WeeM TeaM

WeeM Chair../images/email-regular.s.gif
Heather Booton
Program Chair & Ottoman../images/email-regular.s.gif
Laceé Hudec
Angela Fontes
Dave Gudjonis
WeeM Registrar../images/email-regular.s.gif
Lynn Collier
Theo Sparks
Volunteer Coördinator../images/email-regular.s.gif
Cat Sterrett
Kids Chair../images/email-regular.s.gif
Stacey Kirsch
Cynthia Clampitt
Game Warden
Ed Barta
Social Deduction Games
Jason Catena
Stephen Rider
Publicity Chair
Jeudi Juetten
Book Sale Chairs../images/email-regular.s.gif
Teresa Tucker & Robert Little
Hospitality Chairs../images/email-regular.s.gif
Susan Woodill
Rhonda Peek
Epicurean Experience
Sue and Steve Davidson
Truck Coördinator
Joe Remes
Peace Force Coördinator
Clyde Forrester
Logistics Coördinator
Casey Carraher
Vendor Liaison../images/email-regular.s.gif
Rae Goodman
John Muellner
Decorating and Recycling
Megan Bratkovich
Room and Ride Matching
Kris Petzinger
Tourney Coördinator
Deb Johnston
Pretentious Drinking
Colleen & Alan Baltis
The Pretentious Pourers
WeeM Hotel Liaison../images/email-regular.s.gif
Heather Booton
Program Book
Dave Gudjonis
Logo & Pin Design
Robin Crawford
T-Shirt Coördinator../images/email-regular.s.gif
Robin Crawford
Costume Contest MC
Robert Stalzer
Teresa Tucker
Pretentious Music
OPEN. Please apply../images/email-regular.s.gif if interested
Special Events Treasurer
Lisa Slankard
AV Coördinator
Craig Logan
Damian Christianson
Greg Holcombe
Twitter Admin
Laceé Hudec
Barb Pohl
The Fabulous Websters

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