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As usual there will be many different programs available — so many you’ll find it difficult to choose and wish you had a way to view all of them on demand. But, like the days before VCRs or DVRs, you’ll just have to choose. We have the latest Programs At A Glance (PAAG) if you'd like to peruse. Please keep in mind, of course, that this is a working copy, and offerings are subject to change. In addition to the multiple program track, there are tournaments, contests, and 24-hour gaming.

This year expect new programs as well some returning favorites, and much more. Although programs are subject to change, so far this year’s topics (the links give more details) include:

Some changes may may occur between now and WeeM but you can expect most of the programs listed above and below and, of course, more that haven't been finalized. Also don’t forget, there will be Tournaments in addition to the programs and on Thursday, before the programs start, Excursions.

The Program Booklet (when it becomes available) and the latest Programs At A Glance (PAAG) give you an idea of when many of the tournaments and programs have been scheduled and helps you avoid volunteering during a time slot that may conflict with something you wish to attend. As always, there may be last minutes changes due to cancellations and/or conflicts. The printed PAAG at WeeM will always supersede the Program Booklet schedule and we will do our best to keep the online PAAG in synch with the on-site printed copy.

Expect the following traditional events:



    There will be excursions for those who arrive early.

  • Volunteer!

    HalloweeM set-up starts at ~3 PM at the hotel. Sign up early and earn double points for the Sunday morning drawing held during the Awards & Announcements Presentation.

  • Programs

    Expect the first program to start at ˜6 p.m. (See the latest Programs At A Glance (PAAG) for the actual times. Please keep in mind, of course, that this is a working copy, and offerings are subject to change. )

  • Tournaments

    The first tournament will begin at ˜6 p.m. (See the latest Programs At A Glance (PAAG) for the actual times. Please keep in mind, of course, that this is a working copy, and offerings are subject to change. )

  • Dinner

    Gather in the hospitality area and catch up with your friends while enjoying a buffet including tasty sides at ˜7 p.m.


  • Costume Parade

    The Friday night costume party is one of the unique events that sets Chicago Area Mensa’s RG apart from all the others. Mensan grown-ups take dressing up to a new level. Costumes range from fanciful to funny to elaborate and elegant, but the thing for which Mensans are best known are the pun and word-play costumes. In all of them, Mensa-style creativity is obvious. Bring your costume, sense of humor, and your wits, because our puns will keep you guessing and giggling all night long. Make sure to consider this year's theme, ripe for pun-filled humor! Puns, however, are not a requirement. Feel free to show up in a costume of your choosing. View our pictures to see costumes from ’WeeMs past.

    The kids costume parade will precede the adult costumes as in past years to encourage more adults to attend and support our youth.

  • Dance

    Everyone on the dance floor! Requests taken.


  • Pretentious Drinking

    Liqueurs. The fancy stuff. Polished, cosmopolitan, perhaps even a bit snooty. The stuff you graduate to from beer and wine. You’d like to know more but, gosh, look at that price. What if that pricey potion isn’t quite the palate pleaser you expected? Rejoice! As in years past, you can sample some truly amazing liqueurs, and your money’s no good here! We will supply a wide range of weird and wonderful concoctions from around the world. You can determine which you’d like to own, which should be left on the shelf, and which you should give to your arch-nemesis as a thoughtful gift. Obviously, you must be of legal drinking age to join us and show proof at registration. Snobbish accents and extended pinkies optional.

  • Photo Booth

    The return of the Photo Booth—this year it will be located near Pretentious Drinking—where you can pose with friends wearing all sorts of fun and silly props. You’ll be given a copy of your photos as a keepsake. See some of the prior years’ photos (2018 , 2017 , 2015 or 2014) to get an idea of what to expect.

  • Werewolf of WeeM Tournament

    For those under 21, in addition to the daily Social Deduction games, we will offer a special Werewolf tournament just for teens and tweens after the Epicurean Experience.

    Epicurean Experience

    Unusual food samples and, occasionally, unique beverages. This event is alcohol free, so anyone not wearing an “under 21” badge should visit before partaking of Pretentious Drinking and show us your PD ticket. (You can keep it.)
    Please note: we aren’t serving a meal, just samples and sips, so come for curiosity, not dinner.

  • Cookie Contest

    We’ve also had requests to bring back the Cookie Contest from previous years. If you’re a local member or attendee interested in hosting or helping with that, please let us know by contacting the volunteer coördinators or our WeeM Chair.

  • Dance

    More dancing and often karaoke!


  • clock

    Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 AM. Remember to reset your clocks back.

  • Chicago Area Mensa Board Meeting

    CAM members are invited to attend.
  • Awards & Announcement

    Find out who won the volunteer raffle — volunteers winning smaller cash amounts must be present. Hear about the AG and other RGs. Congratulate several deserving members who have been volunteering in our organization upon whom AML service awards will be conferred. And the Hell's Ms usually announce the weekend's party animal.
  • Amazing Race: WeeM Style Tournament

    Join us for the “Amazing Race” for Mensans! Based upon the popular TV reality show, teams of 2-4 competitors complete a variety of tasks, some cerebral, some lighthearted, on their way to the final “Pit Stop” and victors’ bragging rights. Our version is designed for all ages and activity levels, and is sure to be one of the most memorable things you’ll do this weekend!

Past Programs

Also, you can access our archives to download the full program booklet for past HalloweeMs: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005. (All are in PDF format.)


  • Registration - Discounts for advanced registration are available through October 18th. (Note: Full payment is required by the appropriate deadline to qualify for the discount for which you registered. And full payment must be received by October 18th or you will be required to register at the door.)
  • Excursions - Although there are no spots left for the Excursions, you can still be waitlisted. Signup is closing early on October 18th. Since space is limited, the deadline may move up depending upon demand. If you have signed up and are unable to go, please cancel ASAP so someone else can enjoy the tour.
  • Vendor space - Please complete and submit a Vendor Application by October 20th. If you have any questions after reviewing the Vendor Flyer containing all the details, contact the WeeM Vendor Liaison../images/email-regular.s.gif .
  • Lodging - The hotel extended our deadline! The hotel is offering a WeeM rate of $117 through TODAY, subject to availability. If the hotel block is full, please contact our WeeM Chair../images/email-regular.s.gif who will try to expand the block.
  • Volunteer Now! Get involved and become a star. We have a great WeeM every year due to the many of you who sign up to help out for a few hours or more.

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