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HalloweeM 44½: A WeeM-Away

October 30 – November 1, 2020

Preregistration is now closed. Come to WeeM and, if you haven't preregistered, please register at the door. If you preregistered but your payment was not received by October 18th, no discounts for which you may have qualified will be honored and you must pay the at the door rate.


We will have a wide array of tournaments just as we have every year! You can see the tournament schedule online in the posted Programs At A Glance (PAAG) and get more information in the Program Book (when it becomes available). Get details for some by clicking/tapping on the provided links, and, for the rest, when required, the signup sheets are near registration and the info is usually posted in the room. Tournaments are offered in separate room(s) from the Open Gaming room. This year, once again, the tournament Amazing Race: WeeM Style is back by popular demand — based upon the popular reality show. And so are WeeM Pub Trivia and the Social Deduction Games! The Name That Movie, and Drunkards & Flagons are new this year. A small prize will be offered at some of the tournaments. The following list of tournaments shows the ones that are scheduled for WeeM 44 which include all the new ones for this year as well as some from the last year that may repeated:

Want to run a tournament? Or make a presentation to your fellow Mensans? Have some information or a topic you’d like to share or wishing to see Mensans compete? Fill out our Speaker/Tournament Form. We will be accepting form submissions for this HalloweeM through Wednesday, October 28th. Should you have any questions, contact our Program Chair  or our Tourney Chair  regarding adding your program or tournament, respectively.

All submissions will be reviewed and approved based upon content and ability to schedule.


The game room will be available around the clock, with Chicago Area Mensa’s collection of (at last count) over 380 games. We’re sometimes asked what games we have, by people who carry games to RGs and don’t want to bring anything that will already be on hand. This year, we’ve got you covered! Over on Board Game Geek, you can find the list of our entire collection (minus a couple of oldies for which the Geek has no entry). Check it out! And, if we’re missing a game that is one of your favorites, contact our Game Warden  to tell us what you’d like to see added to our collection.


There are also contests at WeeM, many of which have been featured in years past. Although it hasn’t been decided which contest will be offered, here’s a list of some that were offered in the recently.

  • Build your own Scarecrow - Bring some old clothes from home; get creative and build a traditional or unusual scarecrow! There will also be some stuff supplied but you may have some better garb to give your scarecrow’s “personality.”
  • Costume Contest - Friday night’s costume parade is legendary. There are winners in multiple categories: best pun, worst pun, best traditional and best based on the WeeM theme -- so this year, go wild.
  • Volunteer Raffle - Although not a contest, the more hours you volunteer, the more chances you get to win prizes — and, although being kind, generous and thoughtful is its own reward, who doesn’t need a few extra bucks! smiley


  • Enter the Costume Contest now! Record a video of your costume(s), as an individual or group. Once you’re happy with it, submit it for entry into the Costume Contest. The deadline is Sunday, October 25th.

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