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The December Monthly Gathering scheduled for December 5th will be a video conference event.

Monthly Gather­ing

Our Chicago Area Monthly Gatherings are open to the public. So anyone interested in finding out more about Mensa is welcome to attend. The December Monthly Gathering will be held via Discord ; it will not be open to the public. Anyone who has used our CAM server can simply open the Discord app. Those who haven’t can find an Invitation Link on our Contacts page. The gatherings are held each month, except for No­vem­ber.

Mensans, if you don’t have Discord already, here are the Discord setup instructions. We recommend you sign up at least 30 minutes before the event; it’s free. Also, check out the CAM Discord FAQ. If you’d like to play games with your fellow Mensans, follow the setup instructions for Board Game Arena a few days before the MG.

Typical Monthly Gathering

4:00 PM
Mensa Admissions Test (for anyone who wishes to become a member) — Pre­reg­ister to reserve a space for this session or for a different test lo­ca­tion/date. To see if any of your past tests qualify for membership, see what you need to qualify.
Cancelled for December!!
5:00 PM
Business Meeting — Our five board members and any other interested members discuss various topics and issues. Members are welcome to attend and voice their opinions, but only the Board of Directors can vote. The Discord Invitation Link, needed only by new Discord members, is available on our website.
December Discord Event!! CAM
7:00 PM
Socializing — Join the Monthly Gathering event and experiment with interacting with other Mensans via Discord. BYOB and snacks . There will be various voice channels (aka rooms) so people can have conversations with a smaller group of people (before and after the speaker presentation) and people can easily move themselves from one channel to another channel and see who is in each of the channels. Drop in any time to see how you like it. Open Discord app to join the fun. Mensans who haven’t joined our CAM Discord server yet will need the Invitation Link is available on our website.
December Discord Event!!
7:30 PM
Speaker Presentation — The gathering usually begins with announcements from our Local Secretary (LocSec), followed by a guest who speaks on an interesting topic for about an hour. The Discord Invitation Link, needed only by new Discord members, is available on our website.
December Discord Event!!
8:30 PM
More Socializing plus Games — Converse or play games. Our featured Game of the MonthDouble Deck Cancellation Hearts (DDCH) — will be taught by CAM’s LocSec, Beth Weiss, in a dedicated channel just after the speaker presentation ends. It’s sure to be a fun game for all levels, no matter if you’re a pro or just a beginner. Our customized-version of Discord offers great flexibility to move yourself between groups, plus much more. People can play various games including using Board Game Arena while talking with one another in Discord . Visit the find-a-game channel on our CAM server for a list of the many other games for which you have to register in advance. The Discord Invitation Link, needed only by new Discord members, is available on our website.
December Discord Event!!

Directions to

The DecemberMonthly Gathering is being held via video conference!

Before the MG: Mensans, here are the setup instructions for Discord and for Board Game Arena . The CAM Discord Invitation Link, needed only by new Discord members, is available on our website. If you don't have Discord already, we recommend you download the app and register at least 30 minutes before the event (see setup instructions); it’s free. Visit our FAQ webpage to get an idea of what our customized version of Discord offers, including a list of the online game websites which require advance registration. For example, if you’re interested in playing online games using Board Game Arena , the initial setup is a simple process; please sign up and add the CAM game hosts a day or two before the Monthly Gathering. After the setup, allow time to practice to familiarize yourself with Board Game Arena .

During the MG: At 7 PM you can open the Discord app (new Discord members will need to use our Invitation Link to join the event) and start socializing in any of the voice channels listed under Hospitality. At 7:30 PM you have the option of hearing announcements and then listening to this month’s presentation in the MG Speaker channel listed under Events. After the presentation, people can choose to move themselves into groups to any of the voice channels listed under Hospitality or Games. Anyone more interested in playing games (see our FAQ regarding games to get an idea of what’s possible and which games require advance registration) may want to start in the find-a-game channel to see the list or join the voice channel corresponding to the game they’re interested in playing. The corresponding text channel includes helpful information.

It’ll be an interesting experiment and aren’t you ready to try something fun and new? BYOB and snacks . Drop in any time to see how you like it and provide feedback.

Monthly Gathering Schedule


Video Teleconference Event

Video Teleconference Event

Video Teleconference Event

A Gathering of Gamers
(February 26th – 28th)



March 27th

Video Teleconference Event
April 17th

Video Teleconference Event

Mensa Testing

The test is administered at 4 PM at every Monthly Gathering. Get more information about taking a proctored test to join Mensa including different dates and lo­ca­tions. You must pre­reg­ister to take advantage of any special offers from American Mensa. Or check out if any of the tests you’ve taken in the past can be used as prior evidence to join.
Cancelled for December!!

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