The organizers of the events listed on this calendar have expressed willingness for members elsewhere in the world to join in. Please don’t give them a bigger crowd than they can handle, and do be careful about time zones. The displayed time zone is GMT! If you add them to your own calendar, the time zone should convert to your specified time zone.

To have your virtual event added to this calendar, contact Matt C., the CAM International Calendar contact.

There may be other virtual events, as well as in-person events, which may be of interest to CAM members, hosted by various local groups listed on the American Mensa Calendar of Events.

1/ Thurs­day

  • ChiMe Activity Bulletin and Ad­ver­tising Deadlines. Last day for these submissions to the October ChiMe. Interested in organizing and hosting a virtual or in-person event? Find out how by checking out our guide to hosting events.

  • ChiMe Editorial Deadline. Last day for editorial submissions to the October ChiMe. Please submit original ar­ticles, insights, puzzles, brain teasers, or short poems. Your fellow Chicago Area Mensa members would love to hear from you.

  • Conversation with London Mensans 8 AM. Join a video chat with our kin from across the big pond in London at 2 PM BDT. I [Carey] participated previously, along with a few other CAM members, and had a very nice chat with some of our “siblings” in the London area. RSVP to local host Carey S. to receive the Zoom sign-in information (via Meetup preferred). The London host is Ian David Moseley.
    Virtual Event!!

  • Downtown Lunch: Virtual 1 PM. Perhaps the longest running Mensa event anywhere, Chicago’s Downtown Lunch is held every week, alternating between Tuesday and Thursday. Join us for conversation, laughs, and attempts to define words you’ll never use again. The Zoom id is 838 9384 8564 and the passcode is 312084; it is also included as part of your host Jon G.’s contact information if you prefer a link. Questions? Contact Jon via e-mail or call/text him. You may also RSVP via Meetup. We’d love to have you join us!
    Virtual Event!!

  • Chicon 8: The 80th World Science Fiction Convention held today through Sunday at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago located at 151 E. Waker Dr. in Chicago. For all the details, visit their website.
    Public Event!!


HalloweeM 46: Reunited and It Feels So Good

October 27 – 30, 2022

Only 77 more days! Join us for a fun long weekend at the Westin in Wheeling including lots of programs and games as well as most meals. Register for a discount by October 14th. Book your room by October 7th. Time and space are running out — sign up for the Excursion now!

5/ Mon­day

  • Mensa Dinner at the World Science Fiction Convention TBA. Restaurant TBA. Join us as we wrap up the convention. Let Andrew D. know if you wish to be notified of the time and place.

  • labor

    Happy Holiday

6/ Tues­day

RSVP for Saturday Brunch at Nonnina held on Saturday, September 10th no later than Tuesday, September 6th. You may RSVP via Meetup.

8/ Thurs­day

9/ Fri­day

  • Rock­ford Mensa Dinner 6:30 PM. Join Dave and other Rockford-Area Mensans for dinner at Sam’s Ristorante & Pizzeria lo­cated at 6075 Riverside Blvd. in Rockford (on the SE corner of Riverside and Mulford; entrance south off Riverside). To RSVP , for more information, or to get on our e‑mail list, contact Dave L., our Rockford-Area Coördinator. RSVP required in case of cancellation or restaurant change. Do not RSVP via Meetup since Dave is not a member. This event is usually recurs on the second Friday of the month.

  • Poetry Dis­cus­sion 7:30 PM. Our poetry group is using Zoom — with closed captions — for meetings. Interested persons who are not currently members of the poetry group can contact Joe D. , and he will e-mail the poems to be discussed. Contact Roy L. for the Zoom link or any help you might need. Do NOT RSVP via Meetup. This event is usually held on evening of the second Friday of the month.
    Virtual Event!!

10/ Satur­day

  • Saturday Brunch at Nonnina 11:45 AM. Nonnina, 340 N. Clark St. in Chicago (River North). To RSVP contact Hilarie C. by Tuesday, September 6th.

11/ Sun­day

  • Futures & Fantasies 2 PM. F&F will discuss the novel Kingdom of Copper, by S.A. Chakraborty, the sequel to Kingdom of Brass. “Dar… resurrected, … is more powerful than ever; prince Ali[,] banned from Daevabad[,] discovers his new water abilities; and Nahri has married Ali's brother, the heir apparent of Daevabad, in exchange for a generous dowry. As these three story lines converge, the city of Daevabad remains the crux of conflict. Tensions run high between the pure-bloods and abused half-bloods, and the king maintains peace by oppressing those who have already suffered the most. Everyone has ideas about how to fix the city, and as they attempt to do so all at once, the story spirals into a … tale of political intrigue and war, with many shrewd factions vying for power. Chakraborty’s deeply thought-out system of race relations and clashing classes mirrors real-world conflicts, making it all the more captivating and frustrating as the dream of peace grows more futile. The action scenes[ -- ]vivid, entrancing, terrifying[,] will keep readers riveted [as friends, allies, and enemies shift their roles]. With gorgeous world building, compelling characters, and clashing schemes, the second in Chakraborty’s Daevabad trilogy will thrill her many fans.”—Biz Hyzy Copyright 2018 Booklist. See Steve’s ar­ticle in our August ChiMe. Location TBA. in Conference Room G on the 3rd floor of the Oak Park Public Library, 834 Lake Street in Oak Park. Water, soda and light snacks are acceptable. Parking is available under the building. To RSVP , or for more information about this event and/or SIG, contact Steve M., the SIG coördinator. You may also RSVP on Meetup. F&F usually meets on the second Sunday of most odd-numbered months.

  • 911

15/ Thurs­day

17/ Satur­day

  • Conserv­atives Lunch 11:30 AM. Join other members of the Mensan cell of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy for lunch and civilized Un-PC conversation. No forbidden questions, no unchallengeable answers. This lunch happens on the third Saturday every month, but the location changes and can’t always be determined in time to make the ChiMe schedule. If you’re curious about the location and the COVID restrictions at this month’s meeting place, e-mail Jim Z. the event coör­di­na­tor. You may also RSVP via Meetup. Open to non-Mensans; bring a conservative friend.

  • Beverly Area Saturday Salon (B.A.S.S.) ~Noon. Spontaneous conversation in far SSW Chicago, approx­i­mate vicinity of 107th St. & Western Ave. Please contact Rick E. the Beverly Area Coördinator, for this month’s lo­ca­tion and the exact time as well as more information; if e‑mailing, put “BASS” in the subject line. This event usually recurs on the 3rd Saturday of the month, about midday.

  • Saturday Movie & Dinner TBA PM. Send an e-mail to Bill S. to find out the when and where. Dinner after the movie. Bill & Lisa S. are your hosts.

  • octfest

    Octoberfest begins

17/ Satur­day

RSVP for Dinner at Athena Restaurant held on Thursday, September 22nd no later than Saturday, September 17th. You may RSVP via Meetup.

19/ Mon­day

  • pirate

    Talk Like a Pirate Day

20/ Tues­day

  • equinox

    Northward — Vernal in our hemisphere — Equinox

21/ Wednes­day

  • GOBS Request Deadline Noon. Today is the last day to submit a request for GOBS funds to be approved at this Saturday’s Business Meeting for any planned, eligible event, activity, or class taking place after Saturday, September 24th and through Sunday, October 30th or later; to be eligible, events involving CAM members must be published in the issue of ChiMe corresponding to the month in which they occur. For CAM events, it’s recommended you submit the GOBS request and get it approved before submitting your event information for publication in ChiMe — so no later than today for events planned for November or later. November events need to be submitted by the 1st of October to the activities editor to be included in the November ChiMe. An article must be featured in the November ChiMe for GOBS-subsidized December events with an RSVP deadline in November (same 1st of October deadline but article e-mailed to the editor; see editorial deadline).

22/ Thurs­day

  • Dinner at Athena Restaurant in Greek Town 7 PM. Athena Restaurant, 212 S. Halsted St. in Chicago (Greek Town). To RSVP contact Hilarie C. by Sunday, September 18th.

24/ Satur­day

Our next Monthly Gathering is on August 27th.
The August gathering will be held at the
Rolling Mead­ows Com­mu­ni­ty Center
3705 Pheasant Drive, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008


CAM September Monthly Gathering @Rolling Meadows Community Center

  • Monthly Gath­ering
    The location of our September Month­ly Gath­ering is the Rolling Mead­ows Com­mu­ni­ty Center
    3705 Pheasant Dr. in Rolling Meadows.

    Games and hos­pi­tal­ity are in the spacious auditorium, with overflow space in the lobby. The speaker event is in the Card Room. A Parents-Kids Play Room is available after the Mensa Test. Please note that we have this venue only until midnight, so plan accordingly. This gathering is open to the general public. So if you’re interested in learning more about Chicago Mensa, come join us. There is an admissions fee to help cover costs (major credit cards accepted).

    5 PM
    Business Meeting:
    5 PM.
    Game room opens:
    6 PM.
    7:30 PM.
    8:30 PM - Midnight.

    The CAM Board of Directors has allocated GOBS funds to be used for the reimbursement of either or Uber ridesharing services from/to the Arlington Park METRA station. Details are on our Monthly Gathering page.
    * * * * *
    Get involved! Hone your leadership, organizational, or web skills. We’re looking for vol­un­teers to fill some of the open po­sitions listed both in the back of ChiMe or on the List of Officers. Try your hand as the Testing Coördinator, Communications Officer, website programmer, or as a MG Hospitality Volunteer. You can view the job descriptions and the required qualifications for all the open positions and ones you may be interested in. Or consider supervising the children at the MG for some extra cash.
    * * * * *
    Express Yourself
    Try your hand at writing an ar­ticle for ChiMe, submitting a photo, or creating a puzzle; see our Submission Guidelines for contact information and deadlines. Host your own event or your own virtual event using Discord!

    Program Topic: Reading Wright: Curious Furniture, Compelling Ideas

    S. Lloyd Natof, the great-grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright, was exposed to unusual furniture (although he did not see it that way) in his boyhood home in Virginia. The home was filled with furniture and other items designed by Wright. Unfortunately, he never met his great-grandfather, who died 6 years before he was born.

    As Lloyd relates, “Frank Lloyd Wright ushered in Modernism when he turned away from traditional stylistic forms towards geometric abstraction. However, the modern world we live in now lacks the expressivity and visual activity of his designs. What happened and is there anything in Wright’s work that is useful for designers?”

    Show all…

    His presentation, Reading Wright: Curious Furniture, Compelling ideas, is a distillation of material from S. Lloyd Natof’s graduate courses he teaches about Wright’s work. The focus is on utility — ideas that are relevant to contemporary designers. The presentation uses models, images and drawing exercises to illuminate the overlooked design principles underpinning and animating Wright’s work.

    S. Lloyd Natof is a furniture designer and woodworker. He also teaches compositional design at The School of Architecture, founded by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1932.

    He attended the University of Chicago and entered DePaul School of Music as a Jazz studies (flute) major. In his second to last year at DePaul, he began building furniture. The experience of working in a tactile medium was immediately satisfying and he began to set up his own shop.

    His studio for furniture design and woodworking is located in Oak Park, Illinois. He does commissioned work for private collectors, architects and corporations. Lloyd specializes in veneered furniture and casework, selecting and applying the wood veneer himself.

    Show less
    Masks are required!!
    If there is a spike in Covid cases, the in-person MG may become virtual & testing would be cancelled!!

25/ Sun­day

  • Football Helmets and Brain Damage 2:30 PM. Dr. Ken Saczalski has spent decades researching the effects of impact on the human body. He has served as a technical advisor on vehicle safety matters to two U.S. Secretaries of Transportation and a former member of the National Motor Vehicle Safety Advisory Council. He will show examples of head impacts, demonstrate how helmets are tested and outline the variables that affect helmet safety. Hosted by Mid-America Mensa. Register on the American Mensa website.
    Virtual Event!!

  • rosh

    Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown.

27/ Tues­day

  • Break­fast in Mount Pros­pect 10 AM. Breakfast or lunch and conversation at Jelly Café lo­cated at 1784 W. Golf Rd. in Mount Pros­pect (northwest corner of Golf Rd. and Busse Hwy.), featuring a large and diverse menu. Dining might be indoors or outdoors, depending on conditions. Sepa­rate checks are available. Attendance is limited. RSVP  required in case of possible cancellation or changes in venue. Use Meetup, but if not on Meetup, RSVP to Ken L. via e‑mail. Ken will let you know if you are confirmed or not.

29/ Thurs­day

30/ Fri­day

  • Columbus Mensa RG: Return to Abnormal held today through Sunday, October 2nd at the DoubleTree at 175 Hutchinson Ave. in Columbus, Ohio. Get the details on their website, which has their most up-to-date information.

  • Minnesota Mensa RG: A Minne-World Fair held today through Sunday, October 2nd at the Hilton Airport Hotel at 3800 American Blvd. East in in Bloomington, Minnesota, with both virtual and in-person program tracks. Get the details on their website, which has their most up-to-date information.

* * * * *

1 October/ Satur­day

  • ChiMe Activ­ity Bulletin and Ad­vertising Dead­lines. Last day for these submissions to the November ChiMe. Interested in organizing and hosting a virtual or in-person event? There’s bound to be an activity or a restaurant you want to try, but you just want some other people to experience it with you. So invite your fellow Mensans. Find out how by visiting our guide to hosting events.

  • ChiMe Editorial Dead­line. Last day for editorial submissions to the November ChiMe. Please submit original ar­ticles, insights, puzzles, brain teasers, photographs, or short poems. Your fellow Chicago Area Mensa members would love to hear from you.

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