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Qualify for discounted WeeM rates by registering today. Book your room by September 30th and request the spectacular WeeM rate of $107. Sign up for the Excursions now! PAAG is now available.

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WeeM starts officially on Thursday evening, around 5 pm, and finishes up on Sunday afternoon. We start breaking down hospitality and gaming on Sunday just after lunch/brunch, but some programs may continue through 3 pm. Also, You might want to check the Excursions list. Excursions take place Thursday.

If you want to share a ride or hotel room, fill out the form on the Room & Rides page and our Matchmaker will see if s/he can connect you with someone who has also made a request to share. Your information will remain confidential.

Reminder: Make sure to register for the days that you plan to attend WeeM. Programs, Excursions, Hospitality, and gaming are only available to registered attendees.


You are coming to the Westin Chicago North, at 601 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling, Illinois  60090

Location of Westin Chicago Northshore


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